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  Commandant’s Conference

In 1993 the European Air Chiefs Conference (EURAC) was established with the main objective finding new methods of study and co-operation among european air forces – within and out of nato. in this context a considerable importance has been given for a common vision in the ways of education and formation of future officers

Consequently the European Air Force Academies (EUAFA) commanders’ conference has been established as a forum of experts in order to exchange information, co-operate and identify areas of common interest to carry out activities, with the largest possible participation of all the member nations, in the field of officer education and training.

EUAFA mission is to encourage mutual education through the sharing of information on officer training by promoting academic and military exchanges concerning cadet and instructor training.

The (EUAFA) commandants’ conference comprises of the commandants of the air force academies of the following european countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republik, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

The members of the conference annually elect a chairman, who is responsible for the preparation of the meetings and who acts as point of contact (poc) for all members.

The chairman, who is appointed for one year for the period between two commandants’ conferences, is the commandant (or his representative) of the academy that is designated to host the conference at the end of his term.

Experts’ Working Group

In order to find common elements within the syllabi of the euafas a working group was established in 1998. the ultimate goal was to identify portions of the individual training and education programs that might be suitable for common training and/or mutual exchanges

The euafa working group is responsible for the following tasks: view the member nations syllabi and focus on common fields within which to provide a basis for future co-operation in training and cadet exchanges; gather, update and disseminate the databank (available at the website, and updated by the appropriate working group member) containing:

  • An overview of educational systems.
  • The structure organisational diagram of each participating country.
  • The educational syllabus of each academy.
  • The pilot education, training and timeframes in each academy.

In order to achieve a better understanding regarding main areas of training in each country’s officer training syllabus and from which common areas of interest could be found:

  • Discuss and prepare agenda items for the following euafa commandants’ conference
  • Present the findings of the working group meeting including proposals for future activities to the following euafa commandants’ conference
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